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We are design consultancy located in Park City Utah and Miami Beach Florida that creates a variety of client based products which are thoroughly researched and defined prior to our designers touching a sketch pad. We work closely with our clients to understand their challenges and create passionate, cost effective, and eco-friendly products. Our decades of design experience has led us to understand that execution of design is most important to profitability and success. We dream while designing for the real world. Our products can be seen around the globe with easily recognizable brand names. We look forward to exceeding your goals while providing the best in class solutions.
"I have worked with Andy for years. We were a supplier to Andy and the companies he worked with including Motorola, Concord and Alienware. Andy is innovative and understands very well how to integrate different capabilities, technologies and companies to create a product that is truly leading edge and sets a new standard. In addition to Andy's professional capabilities Andy is fun to work with and developing a friendship with Andy is unavoidable." 

- Daniel Auld 
(CCO, Auld Technologies LLC)
Talk to our experts and you will understand how we are different.
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We understand how to put a product into production. Our team of experts design from the inside out to create the best value for your product. Call us to set up an appointment.
With todays complicated products, you need a team that understands the development process. Our team has led programs from concept to production while working with the factories to assure quality and cost.  Check out our portfolio page to understand what we have done for others!

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