Andreas Haase
Chief Creative Officer
An Expert in developing products from the inside out Andreas has been working as a designer and leader for over 20 years. Having been awarded prestigious CES innovation awards numerous times along with creating over 30 Patents, he has helped many clients achieve increased sales and profits. A passionate leader that creates products that are both visually exciting and cost effective, he continually seeks excellence. He is a designer that works well within the context of materials and processes and understands the value of engineering excellence.

Steve Calle
Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Calle is a young and passionate development manager in the consumer electronics industry concentrating on engineering management. He has experience in leading large teams on complex product developments. Steve has managed programs in the contract defense and consumer electronics industry. Prior to Snow Lizard Design, he was the development manager for Alienware Desktops where he consistently delivered high quality product under aggressive schedule pressures and had numerous product awards including many Editors Award in consumer electronic publications. Previously, Steve held key positions in Northrop Grumman Ship Systems and Northrop Grumman Electronic systems. 

Nathan Williams
Senior Designer

As a BYU Graduate and prototypical gear head, Nathan brings to the team boundless enthusiasm a great eye for design and a willingness to please the customer with eye appealing designs that capture the heart and imagination. Nathan has led several Snow Lizard client products to market with excellent results. He continues to build his product design experiences in both hard and soft goods. 

Our Team of specialists
Should a design experience be more than "just" a design?
Increasingly, product design has expanded its focus to include graphics, packaging and a deep understanding of the brand which leads to a more holistic view of the product design process and user experience.  Snow Lizard Design has learned that great product design becomes great story telling.
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