Press Releases
January 4th 2011 - Summary - Snow Lizard Design is the brain child of Andreas Haase, Marco Messina and Steve Calle, three passionate design entrepreneurs who decided to join together to create a company based on passion, precision and execution.  These leaders who have worked together over the years with backgrounds as corporate technology leaders joined together to help their clients realize their goals.  Whether it is products, graphics, packaging or branding, Snow Lizard Design will exceed their client’s expectations by delivering excellence in design.   To read more click the link to the right.

March 18th 2011 - Summary - On March 14th 2011 Andreas Haase of Snow Lizard Design was invited to the Noor Federation Cable Program in Los Angeles CA to discuss Snow Lizard Design.  This program which has a viewership of more than 200,000 and is broadcast across the globe to English, Persian & Hebrew speaking audiences is led by Rabbi Sean Issac Nourani.  Andreas was interviewed by Ms. Shahla Asheghian for over 20 minutes sharing stories and design processes. To see the program please click the icon to the right.