TalkAbout 6320 radio
Concept bicycle mount for TalkAbout radio products.
Radio Charging station
TalkAbout 6200 series cover concepts to apply mass customization.
Prototype models of 6200 series covers for review.
Alias Rendering of ML 900
Early Prototype of ML 900
ML 900 Pro Engineer surface model
Alias rendering of MW 800 and mobile interface mounted in vehicle
Trunk mounted mobile radio product. Control head located discreatly in vehicle
Prototype of CGISS mobile radio
Alias rendering of mobile controla head
Alias rendering of CGISS mobile control head
Alias Rendering of exploded view mobile radio
Alias Studio surface detail of mobile radio head
First edition of hand-held mic
Prototype of hand-held mic
Prototype model of smart mic
Alias Studio Surface file of hand held mic
Pro Engineer Drawing of hand-held smart mic
Mobile PC
Mobile Radio
While at Motorola, Andreas' creative vision spanned consumer to industrial.  He worked with a world class group of product designers that have also gone on to create some of the most memorable products. Many of the Products that Haase created while at Motorola have become icons as well as the most respected ruggedized products on the market.
Light Industrial Radio
2 way Radios
Light Industrial Radio
Concept Charger Base
Light Industrial Radio
Light Industrial Radio