Soft Goods
As Global Director of Design for Alienware Computers, Andreas created products along side some of the best engineers and designers to create visionary products & packaging.  The mysterious and alien look has been translated seamlessly to a variety of products that are a direct result of Haase's influence over the brand. Steve Calle was insrumental in getting all of the components integrated and functional which breathed life into these desktops and notebooks. His team made sure that these products would be legendary. The 2009/2010 Alienware products have received numerous awards for design and technology.
Users guide is designed to look like an Automotive users guide, raised black chrome head makes this piece a keeper!
The M11x bag is designed to allow the user to work with the system in the sleeve.  Great for students on the go!
Orion Backpack with TSA compliant design.
Alpha T-shirt Black on Black with sublte Alien glyphs
Alpha 3 shirt, bold alien head and ALL powerful logo on the left sleeve
Alienware charm produced in limited quantities to be given at special ocasions to the Alienware team.
Alienware Logo in domed elastomer material. 2 stickers are provided with each system.  They also glow!
T-SHirt glyph design
Alienware hangtag, describes the product and SKU barcode on one side while the other has the alien head as a sticker to be placed anywhere by the customer.
Alienware watch, developed the face design and packaging for this product.